Excellence - Ladies' Ministry



Excellence is the Women’s Ministry of Mountain of Prayers Church. The purpose of this ministry is to build a strong force of women leaders, who will maximize their true potential through the discovery of their individual purpose and find their place in the Body of Christ.


Excellence strives to reach women with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God relevant to their needs and to bring local women to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our continual endeavor is to provide an opportunity for spiritual growth, build moral and spiritual character, and develop talents in an atmosphere of love and spiritual interaction.


Excellence offers:


• Conferences, seminars, and workshops focusing on topics that build spiritual maturity, self-esteem, business and professional work ethics, home management and general etiquette.


• Networking events to cultivate relationships between women of all age groups.


• Events which encourage physical fitness and the development of a healthy lifestyle.